From Good to Great: Transform Beer Quality with a Brewery Sensory Program.

SmartSensory is the easy way to learn beer sensory and collect data for continuous improvement.

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The easy way to start your brewery sensory program without going down the rabbit hole.

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SmartSensory gives you the tools you need to learn beer sensory, collect data and apply
it to better beer outcomes – here’s how:


We’ll train your SmartSensory Program Manager how to build your brewery’s sensory program and we’ll train your SmartSensory Panellists to become powerful analytical instruments to assess your beer.


Rather than being left to your own devices to build your Sensory Program from scratch, SmartSensory gives you a ongoing support and a clear path with clear objectives of where you need to go to so your sensory programs answers the ultimate question, “is my beer OK?”


Our community of SmartSensory Program Managers and SmartSensory Panellists are a tight-knit band of industry professionals who are on the same path as you. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, in our respectful community, we help each other to learn and grow.

Flavour Standards

With practice comes proficiency so why should practice be expensive? SmartSensory Flavour Standards are designed to help your Panellists learn, grow and maintain their sensory skills.


SmartSensory App

The ultimate answer to the question, “is my beer OK?” – SmartSensory gives you a proprietary SmartSensory App to collect data about your beer with ease. Once you have collected data, reporting on your beer and your Panellists will become a cinch. The SmartSensory algorithm is tuned to provide valuable and meaningful reports to track your beer throughout production and in the market.

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See how SmartSensory can help you manage your brewery’s beer quality through proficient sensory analysis done by you.


Accessible Sensory Analysis For Craft Breweries

How to build your brewery’s sensory program even if you don’t have the skills in-house.